Just enter the data from the primary documents and receive financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Capital Statement, Cash Flow, etc.)

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Financial reports

Obtaining basic financial statements of the company (Balance Sheet, Capital Statement, Cash Flow and so forth.)

Business Transactions

Unlimited number of transaction types with custom accounting entries

Customers & Suppliers

Accounts receivable and payable. Transaction history. Requisites


All information about the company's finances in one place

  • Chart of accounts
  • Typical accounting entries
  • Turnover sheet
  • Trial balance
  • Setting up optional fields
  • Database backup

Nano Balance Sheet is an application for obtaining the financial information (balance, etc.) about the company or person. It can be used for bookkeeping or management accounting. Process of data input and obtaining reports is simplified as much as possible and does not require special knowledge.

You enter in the app all your business transactions, filling the Journals, and the application processes them according to the settings for each type of transaction and transferred to the General Ledger. The application generates following reports from General Ledger: Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Capital Statement, Cash Flow, Debtors, Creditors.

Application already contains many types of customized business transactions. You can also easily adjust the other types of transactions. After installing the app also contains a ready-made chart of accounts, test business transactions and opening balances. After getting acquainted with the work of the application on the test data, you can remove them and start entering your data.

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