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Nano Inventory

Nano Inventory is designed to keep receipts and expenditures of goods stored within a warehouse - quantities of goods and their value in monetary terms as well. Furthermore, this helpful app includes feature which enable creating automatic receiving reports on the movement of all tracked goods and products as well.

This application was created to offer users a more simpler method of entering product data and information, allowing them to keep better track of their warehouse’s or storage facilities’ inventory. With Nano Inventory, if users have a small range of products they do not need to go through the hassle of entering category names, brand identifiers, articles, or other such items - they simply need a list of included products, and Nano Inventory does the rest.

Think of this as an intuitive product catalog album, on which users can find the right products at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t matter if there are a lot of items, as the information users can input into the app is limitless. This input information can, in turn, be used to search through the app’s library and find anything needed. To boot, if categories become numerous enough - users are free to group them to make complex organization a breeze as well. This 3-level catalog system ensure that regardless of inventory scale or diversity its always easy to find anything that’s needed without confusion.

Beginning with version 1.20 of the app - barcodes of products can be scanned directly to save even more time. This update allows users to enter barcode information directly through their smart device’s camera, furthermore using it to search for products or add income and expense figures via barcode automatically as well.

When in the app, users can enter cost of goods, and again do so in terms of credit during sale with ease as well - a full instantaneous accounting tool. All collected transactional data is stored on each specific item card and subsequent movement of goods is automatically offered for sale or debit by default as well. With this data in hand its possible to create instant sales volume and margin reports, helping users to see how much they’ve earned per day, week, month, or other time period.

With Nano Inventory maintaining records is a breeze as well. Simply maintain information via a single stock - the idea is to keep things as simple and small as possible after all - while easily subdividing information in the context of storage figures and contractor information in one fell swoop.

Things get even better for Nano Inventory with the release of version 1.21 of the application. With this release the app finally has the capability to track financial transactions with vendors, calculate balances and debts automatically, and more. Entering cash transactions is as easy as writing in commodity transactions, while cash flow summaries and expense reports can be created as well to give users a full accounting of the financial realities behind their inventories. All reports can be shared via email via CSV format right through the app as well. Reports can be printed through AirPrint.

Nano Inventory offers user local options as well - with a local database which can be archived quickly as a .zip file as well and sent via email to any needed parties, shared via iCloud, Dropbox or read instantly via iTunes.

Mobile applications and software for desktop computers are fully compatible on the structure of the database. This means that you can easily transfer your data from one device to another.


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The ability to print price tags with bar codes and QR codes has been added to Nano Inventory, Nano Enterprise Management and Nano Sales Manager.

Published video "How to create a configurator".

Improved compatibility with iOS 12.1

All Mac applications can now work correctly in Dark mode

The "Projects" module has been added to Nano Inventory

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