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Sales management

Sale of goods and services, debtors, marginal income. Sales from stock and delivery on order. Returns of goods and money.

Procurement management

Calculation of the deficit of goods and materials. Relations with suppliers. Accounts payable. Purchase prices and terms of delivery.

Financial management

Bank and cash desk. Categories of income and expenses. Financial statements (Balance sheet, Cash Flow, etc.)

Production Management

Simple job order production (assembly of computers, production of furniture, etc.). Assembly and disassembly operations.

  • Goods and services. Catalog with photos. Assembly units. Units of measure and weight. Stock rates. Barcodes. Printing price tags with a barcode
  • Warehouses. Warehouse incomes, issues, movement of goods. Batches, storage locations, expiration dates, serial numbers
  • Sales. Types of prices and discounts. Statement and emailing of Invoices, Shipping Invoices and Acceptance Certificates. Returns of goods and money
  • Booking services. Availability calendar for technicians, services, and jobs. Suitable for hairdressers, car services, beauty salons, tennis courts, pools, massage rooms, fitness clubs and others.
  • Rental of goods. Rental of cars, hotel rooms, books and so forth. Rental Calendar
  • Configurator. Selection of components for the product line. For example, configurator of the computer, car, furniture
  • Sales reports. Revenue Margin, Best Sellers, Sales Structure, Sales Dynamics, Sales Analysis, Debtors, etc.
  • Dashboard. All information about your business in one place.
  • CRM. Projects, tasks, tickets, comments, sales funnel
  • Purchasing. Calculation of requirements of materials and goods. Formation of applications to suppliers. Returns of money and goods. Accounts payable management
  • Manufacturing orders. Assembly and disassembly. Job order production. Production to the warehouse.
  • Financial reports (Mac version only). Chart of accounts. Journal of business transactions. General ledger. Balance. Trial balance. Cash Flow. Capital Statement. Profit and loss.
  • Prices and discounts. Categories of dealers.
  • Persons (employees and contact persons). Photo. Departments and positions. Report Card. Education, professional skills, etc.
  • Multiuser work. Work with a local database or with a shared SQL server. Access control (rights, roles, users). More here
  • Export and import of data through iCloud and Dropbox.

Nano Enterprise Management is a simple, yet powerful application for small and medium-sized businesses that helps you efficiently oversee purchases, sales, production, warehouses, and finances right from your MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – and all without internet access or any special skills.

The application's primary purpose is to efficiently manage purchases and product sales for small companies. Nano Enterprise Management is also an excellent fit for any firm that provides services (auto mechanics, hair salons, etc.) or does basic production (assembling computers, crafting furniture, etc.). Thanks to its precise modular structure, all changes in one module are instantly reflected in the others. You can also take advantage of the easy-to-use configuration tool to flexibly adjust settings for various attributes (for example, new products arriving to a warehouse will instantly become available to be ordered while factoring in characteristics such as color, size, material, etc.). The special service planner allows you to flexibly manage resources, personnel, and workstations on the basis of actual load. For example, you could distribute incoming orders to various technicians based on their work schedules, rates, and specializations. All information is visible in real time, so at any time you can check how many orders are currently being processed, how many payments have come in from customers, how much stock is remaining in the warehouse, and how much cash the company has on hand. Deposits and withdrawals have been simplified to the highest degree possible, so even an inexperienced user can easily make sense of them.

Another major advantage is the attractive, elegant reports with flexible filters that allow you to instantly create excerpts based on the exact time period and data you need at a given moment. The most important information is collected in the "Marginal Revenue" report, where you can view your total profits for a selected time interval broken up by region, customer, store, or other factors.

And, finally, Nano Enterprise Management stores all data locally (no internet access required), supports data transfer between tablets, and can create backup copies and manage them via email, iCloud, or Dropbox. If you frequently work on a computer or laptop, just install the desktop version of the application (for MacOS), which has the same features as the mobile version.

Moreover, the application is provided along with a tutorial database for your convenience. As soon as you learn your way around the application you can feel free to delete the test data and upload your own.

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